Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Get Out My Head

So I wrote previously about the Second Night Stand situation and how much he was frustrating me.... well it continues. 

We haven't seen each other since that night, but still talk every single day. We both agreed nothing else would happen - I have since been on two dates this week which he knows about, and he was snap chatting me Saturday morning with a random girl in his bed. 

He had sourced through a contact of his a cheap laptop that I can take travelling with me, but then was being really difficult about collecting it. 

I need to cut him out and let it go, he is not providing me with anything. I.e a regular fuck buddy / friend with benefits before I leave or the laptop either now. 

He has got into my head massively, I even spoke to him after my date Saturday night, even though it went well and was lovely I still felt the need to speak to him? I frustrate myself being like this. 

We know of some mutual people, and over the weekend someone asked one of my friends about me and if I was seeing him. I am quite a private person, so mentioned it to him as he has obviously been speaking about me to his friends - it is the only way it could get back to this person! 

However, he turns this all on me - saying I am the one gossiping with my friends bla bla bla. More bickering etc and 'I think it is time to say our goodbyes - good luck with travelling' I just replied with the emoji waving hand as I know he is bound to be in touch sooner or later. My close friend who knows the situation think's he is in to me but won't get too close as he knows I am going away and I have played it too cool with him. Like I don't even get jealous when he goes on dates or snapchats me these random girls. 

It is annoying that he makes me out to be the crazy one.... 

You pest messaged  and pursued me for months
You turned up at my work 
You randomly FaceTime me for half hour chats 
You continuously say you don't want to see me - yet  you wouldn't collect the laptop for me but said you would go with me to collect

The list goes on. 

It is the most confusing situation and I don't know what to think. He is not the greatest looking, he does not say nice things to me (he used to but not anymore) yet I have really let him get to me. So frustrating. AgGgGhHhHh!! 

Writing this I have realised he is actually a bit of a gross person, the way he acts. 

But even so, I find him funny and I enjoy talking to him but maybe it is time to let it go for my own sanity and focus on my other dates. 

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