Friday, February 14, 2014

The Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentines Day

Ah, the dreaded V Day is finally here! 

Having never had a serious boyfriend (Yes I know... 25 and I've NEVER had a serious boyfriend) I admit it's a not a day that I look forward to, especially with the sickening Facebook posts, a stream of flowers being delivered at work. And lets be honest, I think I would be sick if anyone ever bought me a cuddly toy saying 'I love you' on it. 

I believe that it is marketing that has made this the day to make us feel lonely... when the fact is, I don't feel any more lonely than I do any other day. 

Waking up this morning the only thing I wanted to spend the day with was my bed. The Lobster crossed my mind as he does every other day, but then he never got me anything for Valentine's Day anyway so I'm not missing out on anything there.  

I am grateful that I have all the things I need in life, great friends, a good family, alcohol and cats. Who needs a man?? 

I had offers to drink with my friends tonight, but its wet, cold, skint, Im lazy and much happier in my PJ's with a Domino's watching TV. 
However, tomorrow I will be going out and getting shit faced. 

Happy Valentines Day Ladies 

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