Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Crotchless Knicker Debate...

'He's not going to get better than you, you wore crotchless knickers and cooked him steak for fuck's sake' said one friend when I was getting tearful about The Lobster. 

'Darling, why didn't you just get a pair of Stella's (Stella McCartney) and cut a fucking hole in them' said another when I told her I had dressed up in a kinky crotchless set. 
(She works for a designer lingerie company so often gets me discount)

So it got me thinking... Crotchless Knickers are they a Yay or Nay?

They are obviously not for everyday, I love chilling out in my old cotton briefs with the elastic fraying round the edge.

It takes A LOT of guts to wear them too, but from my experience they were very well received.

However, it can be hard to distinguish the fine line between sexy and total slut when shopping for special underwear, so here I have selected my favourites.

(Please note that as I am single, I have unfortunately been unable to trial reactions for these products)


Delilah Set from Agent Provocateur; Bra £110, Thong £85, Waspie £145

Coco De Mer All Wrapped Up Silk Tie Knickers £75

Coco De Mer Belle Et Bonbon Bisoux Knicker £78

Juniper set from Agent Provocateur, Bra £85, Thong £65, Suspender £85

Ann Summers Seduction Crotchless Brief £10.00

Ann Summers Angel Skirted Crotchless Thong £16.00 

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