Friday, April 4, 2014

The Sixty Day Challenge

This week I had my last therapy session. It has left me feeling a lot more positive. 
Of course you can't change the way you feel overnight but it certainly helped me understand and accept my own feelings. 

To help me on my journey forward, there are two tricks I am using; 
Changing 'should' to 'could'. I have always prided myself on being an intelligent and smart woman, but when it came to the lobster I was pretty fucking stupid which is why I was so angry at myself... During therapy full of regret at I let myself get hurt so bad I kept saying 'I should have done this' 'I should have done that'. The therapist pointed out I should change 'should' to 'could'. Should is a very heavy word, it's full of regret and negative connotations, whereas could sounds more positive. 

The second trick is a 'Sixty Day Challenge' my friend told me it takes something silly like 14 days to gain a habbit but 60 days to break it. Therefore my sixty day challenge consists of waking up each morning looking in the mirror and telling myself 'I deserve better and I will get over this' and to stop looking at The Lobster on social media as I'm not helping myself here. 

It's tough but I'm going to try it. 

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