Monday, April 21, 2014

Find Your Base

I'm feeling rather loved and blessed after this weekend. 
I am still healing and there are still days when I feel emotional.... But I have to admit my friends have been bloody fabulous, supportive and kind and I am so greatful for that.
Especially when one of my oldest friends tells me she saw The Lobster at a wedding over the weekend with his new girlfriend and gave him a piece of her mind. Of course he tried to defend himself and acted sheepish, but even he admitted it was wrong and nasty what he said and he knows he needs to apologise. However I doubt he will ever actually grow some balls and do it. He then apparently kept his distance at the small venue for the rest of the evening.
It felt good to know people have my back. 
I'm lucky that I have many different groups of friends, work, school, college etc all from different walks of life but all equally special and important  to me. 

Recently I have reconnected with one of my very best friends from school. We were inseparable for several years but drifted when we left school. Sometimes it's good reconnecting with old friends, those who knew everything about you, the good, the bad and the ugly, and will still stick by you even if you haven't seen them for years. Those who still hate a person that wronged you that you yourself had forgotten, that's  when you know they have your back.
It's like going back to base. The ones that knew me before the hurt and drama with lobster and will stick with me in the future too. 
Base is where you were before you got lost and caught up in this crazy thing called life.
A base can be a place, a person or a thing. For me it's these old friends. I might not see them that often, but they're my base. They remind of who I used to be, and make me feel good about who I am now. 
Like Carrie Bradshaw said, 'Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates, and guys are just people to have fun with.' Right now, I couldn't agree more. 

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