Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Act like a Lady, Think like a Man.

'These Hoes Ain't Loyal' 

This Chris Brown song is becoming a bit of an anthem for my girls. 
As mentioned in a previous post, we all seem to be having a mid-20's life crisis. 

There are those that have had enough of their long term relationships and then the ones that have been played and treated like shit by men in the past that we've just had enough. (Don't loose faith a random guy told me the other day... Whilst telling me he loves receiving oral sex from other women why his girlfriends at home. Case Rested) 
We're playing the field and having fun. 
 (We are definitely not 'hoes' or 'sluts' in fact quite the opposite. My knickers are literally glued on these days) 

It's almost like we are discovering ourselves, finding out who we are and what we like and not settling for anything less. 
Acting like a lady but thinking like a man.... Being a player and not getting played. Playing men at their own game.  
As Whitney Houston once sung "I learned from the best, I learnt from you" 

So next time you see us singing a dancing along, don't get it twisted. We are not hoes. We are strong smart women, and if you think you can rise to the challenge and prove our thoughts of 'all men are the same' then approach us with your A-Game. 

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