Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dates and Relapses

So a few weeks ago whilst out with the girls I got chatting to someone, he was a cool guy with interesting conversation and after a little kiss at the end of the night we swapped numbers. 
I wasn't too keen but under a lot of peer pressure from my friends to get out there I thought I'd give it a go. 

So I did, I went on a date last Monday. Just a few drinks in a cocktail bar. It wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. Conversation flowed, he didn't seem a total douche but just not for me. I didn't fancy him and I didn't like what he was wearing. That's usually enough for me. I could go out with him again but surely I would just be wasting my time and his? 
You could say I'm not giving myself or him a chance but I feel like when I know, I know. 
After getting tipsy on a few cocktails I was even telling him awful embarrassing stories to put him off. It obviously didn't work, so now I'm in that awkward cooling off period, avoiding whattsapp and texting back short replies in the hope he will pick up these subtle hints. 

I also feel like I've given Amy Winehouse (god bless her soul) a run for her money in partying the last two weeks so was looking forward to a chilled weekend this weekend. However, whenever I have too much time on my hands the same thing happens... I think too much and that can be dangerous. 
Yesterday I logged onto Facebook and although we are not 'friends' anymore (I deleted him at Christmas) I was looking at old photos of the Lobster and I together. I was looking at them fondly, he was such a big part of my life and we had so much fun together... Then reality hits and it feels a bit shit. 
Now I am shedding a tear. Only a little one, the first tear that's fallen since I saw him with married girl last week. 

Screw this, I'm going for a run and to do my better butt workout. Xoxoxo 

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