Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Perfect Opportunity... But I'll Pass Thanks.

On Saturday evening I went out for dinner and drinks with an old school friend of mine who recently ended her 7 year relationship and engagement and our wonderful gay friend and his lovely boyfriend. 
After a lovely dinner and a few civilised drinks, the lovers decided to go home for an early night so us single girls were left to our own devices.... So we went to the club. 
After a few cringey chat up lines such as "Look at my new 4grand watch.... I bought a new Range Rover today" (#OnlyInEssex) My response was to laugh, tell him to Fuck Off and get really drunk in able to cope with the sort of night it was going to be. 
Anyhow, my friend had her eye on someone so we made our way over. 
Cut a long story short, we ended up going back to a random boys mansion, with heated pools, saunas and steam room, however I wasn't impressed that we wasn't even offered a cup of tea or even an alcoholic beverage for that matter. What sort of after party was this?!? 
So we headed back to my friends with her beau and his friend in tow. After getting in and having and a cup of tea finally... It was 5:30 by now. It was obvious my friend was hitting it off with her guy so I was left awkwardly with the annoying friend. 
Embarrassingly I was sick (as usual) before bed and all I wanted to do was sleep. 
So when this guy starts hugging me tightly and trying to spoon me and rub my body I politely (abruptly) told him... 'STOP THAT. Get off me please'

I was in bed with a guy for the first time in  9 months. It was my perfect opportunity to get under someone to get over someone, to loose my born again virginity but I just was not feeling it at all. Plus he was 5 years my junior... I probably would have scared the poor boy to death. 
I think you know when you know, therefore I am going to wait for when I know it's right and not just sleep with someone for the sake of it. 

In the meantime I better top up on batteries. Ha. 

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