Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Officially Moved On

I've done it... I have actually gone and done it. No, not sex. But I have officially moved on. 

My worse fear for the last few months has been knowing that I will run into the Lobster at some point. It was bound to happen, we share the same best friends. My fear was that I would see him and wouldn't be able to control my emotions, the anger, hurt, pain and upset would all explode into some mighty firework. 

After therapy and self healing, I am now the happiest I have been in years. I was scared that if I saw him he would take this away and I'd be back to square one.  

Anyhow. Whilst out with friends Sunday, chatting away when my friends face dropped 'OMG... He's here! OMG she's here too... He's bought married girl out with him' 
Immediately we headed to the bar, keeping my back to them the whole time. 

And the weird thing about it... I felt absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. This still freaks me out a bit, I keep thinking I'm going to have some emotional break down but I honestly think I am over him. 

Now I'm going to sound a right bitch here, I know it's not the girls fault (even if I do call her the married whore now and then) and I'm a great believer that women should stick together... BUT she's a massive downgrade from me, which does make me feel a bit better about the situation. 
He was always punching above his weight with me anyway.
It felt great to have his friends telling me how good I looked and twirling me around the dance floor infront of him. 

Safe to say I owned the situation whilst keeping it classy and dignified. 

Have fun waiting for your girlfriends divorce to come through while I'm being taken out on dates with rich Greek guy... Blog post on him to follow. xoxoxo 

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